Friday, June 09, 2006

To All the Haters

Here's a heads-up for all the people that hate me -- and I am certain you are legion. It is fine to be a hater. I don't deny that you have your reasons. However, you've got to find a more appropriate way to express your hate than posting anonymous blasts in my comments. This blog is for your enjoyment. It's not a place to drop creepy, somewhat threatening hints, pass blanket judgement on people you've never met, or post, for the entire world to see, concerns that perhaps would have been better served had they brought up directly to me. Lest you suffer the crack backs of Noodle's Mom, take a long look at your monitor before pressing "send." I do.

All of this being said, I have no problem with your barbs if they're funny, if they relate directly to material being posted, if they're meant in the spirit of semi-harmless fun. And if you are revved up and thinking, "Boy, that Lefty, what a jerk. He bags on everyone," try to remember -- and if you know me, it shouldn't be difficult -- that I save the cruelest jibes for myself.

Again, let me state: this is NOT a place for the airing of non-blog-related gripes. If I have wronged you, or if you have imagined that I have wronged you, or if I have offended your sense of what is right in the world, I invite you to contact me directly. And for pete's sake, don't fire off a rocket and then sign it "Anonymous." Seriously. How lame.

We now return you to the fun that was, is and will be this blog.


Blogger Bud and/or Marsi said...

it's only 112 days until the suns start training camp!

3:40 PM  
Anonymous zelda said...

oh no, was the "i want malted milk balls!" comment that i posted back in my anonymous days inappropriate?!

i'm really worried now that i was rude somehow without knowing it...oh, i am so sorry if i was! seriously. i didn't mean to be.

*ashamed at maybe hurting someone else's feelings*

12:10 AM  
Anonymous zelda said...

okay, i get it. i hadn't read for a few days and was a little behind in your, i submitted the above comment before reading what i see now prompted this particular post. now as i result feel less awkward about my own (previous, sugar-jonesing) comments.

how self-centered (or, how report card-oriented and as a result sleep deprived!!) am i to think that malted milk ball requests made you so uncomfortable?! oy. sorry...

see you all on tuesday at aliyah :)

ms. zelda stein, who is appreciative for the fact that you all pay your day school tuition because not only do such generous resources allow me to use my instructional budget for the purpose of providing your students with a high-quality educational experience, but also they allow me to get paid twice a month at which point i then turn around and use your money to pay my PG&E bill. so, thank you very much for that.

12:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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