Monday, January 23, 2006


The title above refers to the final score of our first basketball game. St. Brendan's, continuing a long tradition dating back to the Crusades, stuck it to our little Jewish team, leaving us bent but not broken. I have made a habit of following that score with a breakdown: first half - St. Brendan's 32, Brandeis 4; second half - St. Brendan's 14, Brandeis 2. Obviously, we need to work on our offense.

We are no less proud for this final score. Watching our squad lay on the swarming defense (in the second half) was a thing to behold. Every time those tiny (seriously, it was a 2nd grade team) St. Brendan's kids got the ball, they faced at least 2 Brandeis defenders. We shut 'em down. My favorite moment, with a parent's bias, came at the end of the 1st quarter (score 18-2), when my child ripped his headband off in disgust and threw it on the ground. Already showing a flair for the dramatic. That's my boy.

One more entry and I'll go public. Meanwhile, I continue to blog in a vacuum. Just geting warmed up.


Blogger Ken Dunque said...

YES, go catholics. pound them. next time no mercy in the second half!!

10:02 PM  

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